Sensory Rooms  

Sensory Room Design & Installation 

Our team has been creating high quality, innovative & award winning multisensory rooms and products for over 10 years. 

We offer a free, no obligation design service & produce accurate 3D rendered drawings like the ones below, so you can see & show others your vision.  We have a highly skilled & qualified installation team who bring your design to life. We provide flexible, ongoing warranty & support packages that don’t break the bank. 

Designing from Experience 

Our team have first hand experience of working with people who have learning difficulties & special needs. This provides a deep understanding of the practical needs & challenges not only for the people who need support but also the needs of the staff & carers who provide it. 

Sensory Rooms That Deliver 

Our sensory rooms are all bespoke.  This is how we ensure they meet your precise individual needs and provide best value for money. 

We do not believe in a one size fits all approach but a well designed multisensory room from us will have something for everyone.  We use quality materials and products to ensure the highest levels of reliability and durability.  As award winning designers with a reputation for innovation, quality and customer service we are the best choice for your new sensory room. 





Multisensory Room  

Sensory exploration and positive behaviour management 

Our multisensory rooms are designed to your specific needs and requirements. They blend high quality interactive and passive sensory equipment within a safe, durable enviroment. AmbiSpace design and install sensory rooms for adults, young people, children and babies. Sensory rooms support SEND, dementia care and have a positive effect on calming anxiety and reducing challenging behaviour. The key to an effective sensory room is control, the ability for an individual to interact with the room on their terms and set the environment to meet their needs. AmbiSpace rooms provide simple to use adaptable control systems suitable for low to high functioning abilities. 









Interactive Classroom  

Hands on differentiated learning 

Our interactive classrooms use tablets, touchscreens, BYOD, interactive projection & app controls for dynamic learner engagement. AmbiSpace interactive classrooms are structured around the multi award winning Clevertouch system with the option to add ambient sensory equipment for a mix of immersive and interactive learning. 

Immersive Rooms  

Travel the universe without leaving the room 

Our immersive rooms use ultra short throw laser projectors to create large 4K quality wrap around imagery and video with minimal shadowing. Create relaxing scenery, educational virtual reality trips and exciting adventures that transport occupants to places in time and space that would otherwise be out of reach. Bring the immersive room to life with ambient sensory equipment, including air conditioning, scent, wind, vibration, lighting effects and surround sound for a magically engaging experience. 

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