Progress Care 

We are excited to announce that we have been working with Progress Care over the past year or so, carrying out various projects to improve the lives of vulnerable people. 

Progress Care is an award-winning company, specialising in the care of vulnerable children and young adults. Their mission statement says ‘We exist to support the ‘progress’ of vulnerable children and young adults through their lives’. Progress Care provide residential and domiciliary care and support for vulnerable people in over 50 locations in the UK. Their invaluable efforts help vulnerable young people navigate life in an increasingly complicated world, providing vital support, skills and experience, without which they would struggle immensely. 

When Progress Care approached us, we saw what they were doing for their clients and jumped at the opportunity to work with them. Our founders have strong backgrounds working with schools and providing sensory spaces, so we knew that we were perfect for the job. Additionally, we immediately saw the value in this project, being aware of how deeply the design of a space can affect one’s mood and mindset. 

Over the past year or so of working with Progress Care, we have been thrilled to carry out projects improving outdoor spaces, meeting budget requirements, and delivering high quality experiential environments that greatly enhance quality of life. Our ability to execute and meet project requirements to a high standard has been complemented stunningly by the professionalism and steadfast commitment to aiding the vulnerable displayed by all Progress Care staff. We have carried out projects at several locations and the dedication to not only making lives easier, but to actively improving how people manage navigating life has been incredible. 

If you have care needs or are perhaps looking to get involved with helping vulnerable people by fostering, there is no better organisation to be involved with than Progress Care. We look forward to many more successful future projects. 


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