Welcome to Gener8

We’ve started the Gener8 blog so that you can follow our journey as we help establishments to innovate in education, improve information retention, and advance learning outcomes. 

Our diverse and widespread staff work relentlessly to support the global roll-out of our core product, the Gener8 Space. 

At Gener8 we want to be a part of an ongoing revolution in education and help educational institutions look to new frontiers for delivering content. We achieve this by using innovative methods and laser technology to turn your room into a giant, wraparound touchpad. We utilise Intuiface’s robust and powerful interactive touch software to power experiences within our immersive spaces. Intuiface is a no-code platform enabling the creation, deployment, and analysis of in-venue digital experiences using interactive touch screens and gestures. Intuiface is an excellent choice as it allows our clients to easily create custom content for the Gener8 Space, empowering educators in a new way. 

Our expert office team work with industry-leading technology, hyper-responsive laser tech, and a positive, enthusiastic, and customer-oriented approach that is unparalleled in the industry. 

Graham, our director, the man with the vision, leads the company, conducts client interviews and establishes their needs and how we may best meet them. Chris, our resident tech wizard, oversees installations and provides technical support throughout the process of onboarding clients, to ensure a smooth transition into immersive learning. Supporting Chris we have Sam, the sorcerer’s apprentice, developing content for the Immersive Classrooms, coding, doing graphic design, and annoying our office manager. 

Our office manager Rebecca (Becks if she finds you tolerable) runs a tight ship, prevents procrastination, sets the world to rights, and makes sure everyone gets paid! Our marketing guru, Liam, works constantly to position us as market leaders, develop new content, and provides insight into 

how we may reach new customers effectively. Last but not least, Lewis supports Liam’s marketing endeavours, creates content for blogs and social media, updates websites, and joins Sam in winding Becks up. 

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