What is Gener8 space

Gener8 Immersive Classrooms make learning a fun and enriching experience for pupils across all key stages.  

Immersive environments have the capability to develop young pupils’ core skills and imagination by providing unlimited opportunities for exploration and interaction.  

Our spaces will help you to improve outcomes, development, pupil engagement and efficiently deliver amazing lessons that will be remembered not just when it’s assessment time, but years later. 

Why Choose A Gener8 Immersive And Interactive Space?

100% Interactive environments

Immerse students completely with our 100 percent touch enabled rooms. You can interact with every surface and asset, move , resize , touch and manipulate with pinpoint accuracy

Unlimited scenarios 

Choose from pre-built experiences or build your own with our easy drag and drop software. Easily creating and editing your Gener8 Immersive Classroom exactly how you want. The only limit to the room is your imagination.

Full training & support

From concept to reality our trained teams work alongside you to create tailored experiences. Professional training, along with our exclusive Gener8 academy and ongoing support means your Gener8 Immersive Classroom will always exceed expectations.

Easily create experiences

With our drag and drop editor creating the exact scenario required is easy! Once made they are fully customisable, create everything from emergency situations to alien worlds.

Fully touch capable

Our rooms are fully touch capable, we like to think of them as the worlds biggest iPad. Our touch technology works the same way as any hand-held device, perfectly blending an intuitive user experience with revolutionary technology.  

The Gener8 Immersive Classrooms provide access to a pioneering teaching methodology that allows you to engage and motivate students as never before. Immersive learning serves visual, aural and kinaesthetic learning styles, and greatly increases information retention. Our implementation of the immersive technology has been embedded with proven pedagogical practices to ensure teaching in our spaces is not only fun, but has a real life impact on the students. 

Over 1200 3D Scenes

With every room we install we give you access to incredible 3D interactive resources. The models in the scenes are freely rotatable and most 3D scenes include narrations, built-in animations and quizzes. Labels added to the structural and cutaway views are available in several languages. The Gener8 Immersive Classroom offers access to high-quality, detailed content that links with the national curriculum. Some of the subjects we have resources for are mathematics, the sciences, deisgn and technology, history, geography, visual arts, music, and languages. Our immersive learning resources enable teachers to deliver content in a manner that is highly engaging to students and significantly improves information retention and learning outcomes. 

Where Will You Go Today?

Pre Loaded Content

Our Immersive Classrooms can be used across the whole curriculum. Whether using our pre-made content or creating your own. 

In partnership with teachers and graphic designers we create imaginative, practical and interactive bespoke lesson content. This is specifically designed to fit teachers time frames and subject syllabus. We will work directly with you to create bespoke resources that are tailored around the class needs. Each piece of content is individually crafted around your specific brief. 

Because our rooms operate an open architecture system you are not limited to one piece of software to use the space, any touch capable software can be used inside! 

Experience infinite potential

The best way to experience the wonder and teaching potential of a Gener8 space is to try it for yourself. We would love you to visit our space or one of our show schools and meet the teachers. 

We believe that the best way to learn is to immerse yourself in your surroundings, increase enjoyment, absorb more and retain for longer. Gener8 spaces bring your lesson plans to life by creating a deeper learning environment. 

You can deliver a whole lesson in a Gener8 space, or bring a new dimension to existing content and lesson plans. Our content is continually being developed, with learning outcomes and the curriculum front of mind. 

All Our Rooms Are Now Supercharged With Intuiface!
Easy Drag And Drop Scenario Creation, Total Freedom

We are proud to announce all our rooms come equipped with the industry leading touch content creation software intuiface! 

Intuiface Supercharges our rooms to be able to create and deliver – in record time – gratifying, purposeful, digital experiences that connect our customers to places, powered by the latest interactive technologies.  That’s everything from multi-touch and sensor-driven content to Web APIs, RFID/NFC readers, and the Internet of Things, all without writing a line of code! 

Intuiface is the world’s premier platform for touch applications, coupled with our ground breaking room touch technology this gives our users the ultimate tools to create amazing, immersive and engaging simulations without any coding quickly and easily. 

Learn More About Our Software 

Interact with touch & more

Use the latest interactive technology. Multi-touch, yes, but also RFID/NFC, beacons, Web APIs, sensors, the Internet of Things, and more.

Create without code

Unleash your creativity with a modern editor free of template constraints. Tell a story built specifically for interactivity and never write a line of code.

Use all your media

Include your own images, videos, documents, websites, 3D models, maps and more! It’s your content and all of it is automatically interactive.

Connect & Integrate to anything

Create personalised experiences for any audience by dynamically communicating with any third party service via public and private APIs.

Full Training Academy Included

An extensive video library of lessons covering everything from experience creation and remote deployment to sensor integration and data analytics.

Choose your own path

Follow the courses sequentially or just jump to the lesson that interests you

Self assess as you progress

Each course contains optional quizzes you can use to show off what you’ve learned.