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Gener8 Sensory offer a range of interactive and passive sensory equipment for standalone use or integrating in to larger sensory and play projects. All our products are guaranteed for quality and durability. The majority of G8S products are made in the UK.

The G8S Interactive light tube is available in a range of sizes from 1m – 1.8m making it a suitable option for any size room. Use as a plug and play standalone to brighten up any space or design in to robust play grade padded plinths and seating units for engaging SEND provision. Select modes using the switch in the light tube unit or to increase the options for interaction and inclusion add an G8S wireless 9 button remote, a colour change soft play cube and/or an android tablet app controller. In addition there are options to plug in jack lead switches and DMX controllers.

The benefits of a Gener8 sensory space

“Any student who struggles with balance and a sense of where their body is on the area around them can benefit from a sensory space.”

Gener8 Sensory rooms are all bespoke. This is how we ensure they meet your precise individual needs and provide best value for money.We do not believe in a one size fits all approach but a well designed multisensory room from Gener8 will have something for everyone. We use quality materials and products to ensure the highest levels of reliability and durability.
As award winning designers with a reputation for innovation, quality and customer service we are the best choice for your new sensory room.

Gener8 multisensory rooms are designed to your specific needs and requirements. They blend high quality interactive and passive sensory equipment within a safe durable enviroment. Gener8 design and install sensory rooms for adults, young people, children and babies. Sensory rooms support SEND, dementia care and have a positive effect on calming anxiety and reducing challenging behaviour. The key to an effective sensory room is control, the ability for an individual to interact with the room on their terms and set the environment to meet their needs. Gener8 rooms provide simple to use adaptable control systems suitable for low to high functioning abilities.

Great installation and support

With the many different needs and requirements of today’s children,  Our wide range of multi-sensory products can be used to create wonderful sensory environments and experiences.  It is not the case of one size fits all. All variables need to be considered to create a Sensory Room that works for your requirements, For instance your client’s needs, safety concern and budgetary constraints.

Convert any room into a Sensory Space

We hold a free consultation to listen to you and learn about your needs so that we can create a bespoke environment of the highest quality. At the consultation we also measure the area(s) where you would like to create your new sensory room so we can take the dimensions back to our design team.

Sensory Nook is the Worlds first mobile refuge for special need support and personal wellbeing in busy environments by reducing noise and creating a sense of privacy without isolation.  Added to this is a range of specialist equipment designed to positively influence the mood and behaviour of the occupants. This works to calm or stimulate people with sensory integration disabilities such as Autism, Dyslexia and Dementia to name but a few.
Sensory Nook helps neurodiverse people cope with challenging environments, reduce anxiety levels before they reach meltdown and in so doing prevent challenging behaviour. The result of this is less exclusion and much greater opportunity to access experiences most people take for granted.
It is often over looked that when an individual with special needs is excluded from attending a place through fear of uncontrollable sensory overload their family and carers are excluded too.  How much business are you losing?
Sensory Nook Plus has colour control lighting, calming fibre optic carpet wall panel and play grade easy clean vinyl upholstery.  It reduces noise levels from outside and provides a safe secure sanctuary without isolation.
It is a sensory supportive work or activity space to boost concentration, reduce external distractions & positively influence mood.
It is equally suited to providing a calming oasis in busy public open areas to rapidly reduce sensory overload.
It is ideal for supporting neurodiversity including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Sensory Integration disabilities in schools, cafeterias, restaurants, retail parks.
Sensory Nook Light has interactive fully controllable sensory equipment for primarily visual stimulation & calming.  This includes interactive light tube, 3D infinity tunnel, UV twinkle fibre optic strands, fibre optic carpet wall panel and wireless 9 button remote.  The play grade vinyl uphostery is tough and easy to clean.
It reduces external noise levels and provides a safe secure space to sit, stretch out and relax.

It is effective support for visual impairment with positively engaging cause & effect responses.
It is highly effective for reducing anxiety, promoting a sense of calm & inducing rapid relaxation.
Sensory Nook Light is effective for inclusivity in public places where neurodiverse people need to go but the likelihood for sensory overload or emotional anxiety is high.
Large shops, hospitals, health centres, public event spaces, sports stadiums, retail parks and airports would be examples of this.
Sensory Nook Interactive is an activley stimulating mobile sensory pod.  It has an interactive light tube, a choice of AmbiSpace interactive LED Panel (Rhapsody, Colour Blend, Infinity or Snowfall), UV fibre optic strands, tactile fibre optic carpet wall panel and 9 button wireless remote.
The playgrade vinyl uphostery is hard wearing and easy to clean.  It reduces noise from outside and creates a safe space to release tensions and anxieties through positive distraction.
It is ideal for situations where people with disabilities need an active sensory distraction to expend excess energy through controlled sensory stimulus.
This model is particularly suited to large crowd events, sports and entertainment venues, shopping centres & public play areas who want to add flexible sensory provision.
Sensory Nook Escape provides a closed in space that gives a sense of security and calm.
It is designed for a single occupant to lay down in temporary isolation to be soothed & passively calmed through the star like quality of gently twinkling fibre optic carpet, UV lighting, tactile UV treated twinkling fibre optic strands and bluetooth speaker for playing personal calming sound tracks.
Sensory Nook Escape can be turned towards a wall to create the isolation or be fitted with optional doors or a mobile screen for greater isolation and enclosure.
It is an oasis of calm in which to escape and reduce anxiety levels when they are close to crisis point.
The Escape is ideal for SEND & healthcare providers.
Sensory Nook Inclusive is a multisensory pod designed to engage and calm individuals across a broad spectrum of special needs.
The interactive light tube, colour select lighting, UV twinkle effect strands fibre optic twinkling wall carpet, vibration seat pad and nebulising scent  system are all controlled by a simple Android tablet and app.  A 9 button wireless remote control is included for sensory interaction with the led light tube.
The play grade vinyl uphostery is hard wearing, easy clean and reduces noise from outside the Nook Pod.  The acrylic safety mirror wall panel makes the space feel larger than it is and provides a method by which neurodiverse individuals can observe the outside world in reflective emotional safety.
The sensory experience is totally adaptable to meet specific personal requirements for the most effective sensory support.
Sensory Nook Inclusive is a wonderfully flexible sensory room alternative where lack of space prevents the installation of a traditional sensory room.
The Inclusive is a good choice for schools, libraries & public service providers who aim to actively provide sensory resources for low to high functioning learning disabilities.
Sensory Nook Double is a high quality mobile sensory room.
It is fitted with colour select lighting, interactive light tube, UV twinkle fibre optic strands, twinkling fibre optic carpet wall panel and bluetooth speaker system.  It is controlled by a simple to use Android tablet and app.  The 9 button wireless remote control provides sensory interaction with the light tube.
The double depth Sensory Nook Pod has an acrylic safety mirror wall panel and is lined with play grade safety padding for comfort, durability and ease of cleaning.  It provides an enclosing space in which occupants can stretch out, engage on their own terms with the interactive sensory equipment or simply relax.

It is a genuine sensory room alternative with the advantage of being portable.
It is suitable for anyone who wants to provide an effective sensory corner within a larger room without having to give up the entire space or compromise on sensory support provided.

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