Sensory Gardens 

Sensory Gardens and Reflective Spaces 

Here at Gener8 we specialise in delivering both internal sensory spaces and outdoor sensory spaces. Both are designed to deliver the same kind of sensory stimulation whilst provide a safe and relaxing space for all ages. 

Our team of designers and installers are experienced in delivering your ideas and thoughts in both a creative and imaginative manner. All our installations are delivered to an exacting standard with excellent aftersales follow up. 



What is a Sensory Garden  

Sensory gardens are carefully designed areas devoted to engaging the senses. This may involve interactive elements – for example, inviting visitors to engage with various sensory panels, or trigger the sounds themselves. Conversely, some gardens provide sensory experiences on a constant basis, ‘washing over’ the visitor as they walk around or sit. 

The purpose of a sensory garden is to trigger various neurological experiences, some of which are new, some familiar, and often in exciting combinations. These sensory experiences can be highly impactful – visitors become more receptive to the world around them in a positive manner. This allows children and adults to improve elements of their cognitive function, whilst remaining in a safe, relaxing environment. 



Kickstart your Sensory Journey 

Simply start by giving us a call and tell us your ideas. We will then create a detailed drawing of your intended area to fit in with your agreed budget. 
Once you have agreed the design we will arrange a date and begin work on installing your sensory garden with minimum fuss. 



Multisensory Garden 

Sensory exploration and positive behaviour management 

Our sensory gardens have a profound effect on mood and wellbeing, they engage the senses in a natural way, benefitting health and bringing a sense of calm. A well-designed sensory garden has many positive benefits and makes good use of otherwise unused space, but a poorly designed garden will fail to deliver and create endless maintenance problems. 


Mindfulness and reflection 

Connect to nature 

Our Sensory gardens not only allow your pupils to connect to nature, but encourages them to become more aware of their surroundings and how to respond to them, tapping into the principles of mindfulness. As we return to normalcy post COVID, teachers will need to make the best use of their outdoor space, promote mindfulness and provide a suitable space for reflection and introspection. 

Fully custom Designs  

Bespoke Design 

All of our garden projects will include an Initial Site Meeting, a full site survey and a design proposal including: 

  • 3D images & virtual walkthrough 
  • Full specification Details 
  • Planting & Layout Plans 
  • Pre-installation ROSPA inspection 
  • Full Project management & Installation 


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