Our Software

Our easy-to-use drag and drop software enables you to take complete control of your simulation, transforming your room into a fully immersive touch enabled experience. You have complete creative control to build environments that will enhance your pupils experiences by simulating any type of environment. Why go beyond the traditional classroom boundaries? Partly the reasons are obvious, but Gener8 spaces offer genuine flexibility to create deeper engagement and understanding which help improve learning outcomes.  Research has shown that retention rates and ability to utilise information in more diverse ways increases where we are able to interact and experience events rather than just be told about them or see them. Learning can be absorbed subconsciously simply from memorable, stunning, settings.

immersive control

Create Without Coding

Unleash your creativity with a modern editor, free of template constraints. Tell a story built specifically for interactivity and never write a line of code.

immersive control

Use All Your Media

Include your own images, videos, documents, websites, 3D models, maps and more! It’s your content and all of it is automatically interactive.

immersive control

Interact With Touch & More

Use the latest interactive technology. Multi-touch, yes, but also RFID/NFC, beacons, Web APIs, sensors, the Internet of Things, and more.

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Connect & Integrate to Anything

Create personalized experiences for any audience by dynamically communicating with any third party service via public and private APIs.

Easy Drag & Drop Scenario Creation

Total freedom. Works like magic!

Intuiface is the world’s premier platform for touch applications, coupled with our ground-breaking room touch technology this gives our users the ultimate tools to create amazing, immersive and engaging simulations quickly and easily, without any coding.

immersive control

Full training academy included

An extensive video library of lessons covering everything from experience creation and remote deployment to sensor integration and data analytics.

Choose your own path

Follow the courses sequentially or just jump to the lesson that interests you.

Self assess as you progress

Each course contains optional quizzes you can use to show off what you’ve learned.