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Gener8 spaces are engaging, immersive, teaching environments built on reliable technology.

Our spaces will help you to improve outcomes, development, pupil engagement and efficiently deliver amazing lessons that will be remembered not just when it’s assessment time, but years later.

Spaces are easy to use and extremely flexible. Use or edit pre-loaded content or import your own to make a real difference across all ages, curriculum and abilities. Gener8 spaces can help support pastoral and behavioural issues, be a fundraiser, superb after-school club, training room and infinite other uses…..

Our spaces are packed full of curriculum ready content and easy to use features. Turn any room into a Gener8 space, unlock imaginations and create lasting memories of lessons and experiences. Flexible enough to support every activity.

Are your Budgets Tight for 2021?  Introducing


We’ve been working within the education for nearly two decades, so we’re trusted and experienced in handlings school’s equipment needs.


We offer flexible payments, so schools can pay either monthly, quarterly or annually, whatever suits their budget most.

Put schools in control

Our payment plans put schools completely in control, deciding everything with your budget as the priority.

Why not spread the cost over 3 years through our very cost effective finance scheme, administered by funding 4 education, who currently help over 3500 schools nation-wide to get the equipment they need.

For over a decade, the funding 4 education leasing program has been helping schools of all shapes and sizes to get the equipment they need, when they need it.
Working exclusively in the education sector, their flexible independent leasing solutions permits schools to get the equipment they need, rather then what their budget permits, allowing the school to deliver the ultimate teaching experience.

Simple Agreements

Wanting to make your leasing process as simple as possible, our agreements are only a single sheet of A4.

Unlimited Choice

The options of what you can lease is unlimited, size and cost won’t usually be a factor affecting you.

Great Customer Service

We have an experienced customer service team, ready to help making the leasing process as simple as possible for you.

All our rooms are now Supercharged with intuiface!

We are proud to announce all our rooms come equipped with the industry leading touch content creation software intuiface!

Intuiface Supercharges our rooms to be able to create and deliver – in record time – gratifying, purposeful, digital experiences that connect our customers to places, powered by the latest interactive technologies.  That’s everything from multi-touch and sensor-driven content to Web APIs, RFID/NFC readers, and the Internet of Things, all without writing a line of code!

Full training academy included.

An extensive video library of lessons covering everything from experience creation and remote deployment to sensor integration and data analytics.

Choose your own path

Follow the  courses sequentially or just jump to the lesson that interests you.

Self assess as you progress

Each course contains optional quizzes you can use to show off what you’ve learned.

No coding. Total freedom. Works like magic.

Intuiface is the world’s premier platform for touch applications, coupled with our ground breaking room touch technology this gives out users the ultimate tool to create amazing, immersive and engaging content without any coding quickly and easily.

Benefit from a gener8 space

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Why go beyond the traditional classroom boundaries? Partly the reasons are obvious, but Gener8 spaces offer genuine flexibility to create deeper engagement and understanding which help improve learning outcomes.

Research has shown that retention rates and ability to utilise information in more diverse ways increases where we are able to interact and experience events rather than just be told about them or see them.

Learning can be absorbed subconsciously simply from memorable, stunning, settings.

Aspirations increase as new possibilities become open to all.

All of this can increase engagement and desire to learn.

Whilst Gener8 spaces excel as a revolutionary teaching space, the flexibility cannot be overlooked; behavioural support, reward, open evenings and events, pupil attraction, meeting space, revenue generation to name a few.

Time and resources are always at a premium but we think you’ll be surprised how little Gener8 spaces cost, where they can fit within even the most crowded of schools and that they are so easy to use.

Gener8 have developed an in house service that will enhance the users experience when using our rooms.

In partnership with teachers and graphic designers we create imaginative, practical and interactive bespoke lesson content for teachers specifically designed to fit with their time frames and subject syllabus. We will work directly with you to create bespoke resources that are tailored around the class needs. Each piece of content is individually crafted around your specific brief.

This services enables teachers and students to focus on learning through the best possible use of the balance between classroom teaching and the innovation of immersive learning. Following a conversation with you, we tailor and design a series of bespoke content modules to suit your specific school needs. We are delivering the latest evidence based research into the classroom with a range of clear, accessible, and engaging teaching modules.

All our modules are presented in a “ready to use” package, providing time saving and relevant material for teachers.

Great installation and support

We are as flexible as our spaces, we have transformed surplus corridors, storage areas and ICT rooms.We understand space is at a premium so we can create a space that can be used for other activities when you aren’t navigating the universe, reliving history, or accessing the inaccessible.

Our high quality installs take approximately 1-2 weeks with minimal disruption. Each one is done to certified health and safety requirements by our friendly DBS checked teams.

We carry out a full induction and tailored training. Everything is easy to run and maintain, however if you ever get stuck, want to learn more, or want a little help to create some amazing content then we have that covered too. All hardware is backed by long warranties and quick response times.

Convert any room into a Gener8tor



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