Following on from our Progress Care blog, we have another client we are very excited about. A certain university based in Oxford have reached out to us for a Gener8 Space install!

Our client were in the market for an immersive space with an innovative twist in mind. They conducted research into many immersive rooms and assessed the suitability of each for the purpose they had in mind. After discussing their requirements with several of our competitors, it was clear that Gener8 was the perfect fit, and so our partnership began.

Oxford decided to work with us for our flexible solutions, dedicated content team, superior technology and because we provide a greater degree of immersion within our Spaces. We’re now working hard to plan and implement the installation of an immersive space with a twist, and we love that Oxford are innovating with an already innovative product.

Oxford plan to use their Gener8 Space as part of an integrated immersive auditorium, delivering lectures with a side of interactive demonstrations, creating an avenue to immersive learning that can reach more people than could usually fit into a Space install. Another innovative use of this Gener8 Space install will be in stage performances, using the immersion and interactivity in a way that we hadn’t previously expected to set scenes, and to provide a deeper environment for those acting within the Space.

We can’t wait to see what Oxford create with their Space, as they continue to innovate and push boundaries in education.

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