On 21st July, 2021, some of our office staff went with the Gener8 installation team to Wansbeck hospital to install a brand-new immersive room. This was an ambitious, two-day build, with the room being built for the innovative team at DASH (Dinwoodie Assessment and Simulation Hub), as part of their cutting-edge medical simulation suite.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Nicky Jenkins, Simulation Manager and John Stafford, Simulation Technologist and Regional Simulation Lead HEENE. This duo together oversee the running of DASH, a resource that provides opportunities for multi-disciplinary education and training. We introduced everyone that would be working onsite and ensured that we were all on the same page about carrying out work in a manner that was covid secure.

For the first day of the build we measured out the room, and made repairs and alterations that involved patching holes from previous installations, plastering, painting and installing projectors. We arrived early in the day and worked into the early evening to get through the little stumbling blocks that inevitably pop-up with this kind of project. We were able to identify and resolve issues with internet connectivity, protrusions in the walls, and irregularities in the shape of the walls.

On the second day of the install we finished off the final coats of paint and put the edge on the visual retention border. Once this was done we installed our lasers and cameras to give the room functionality, calibrated the wall touch system and fired up the Gener8 computer.

The DASH team were extremely enthusiastic about their newly installed immersive learning environment, John said ‘it’s like being in theatre’ and Nicky DASH-ed off to find colleagues to show off the new room!

Throughout both days of the installation we recorded conversations, work that was ongoing in the room, and footage to show off the cutting-edge environment that our Gener8 Space was becoming a part of. The staff at DASH were also gracious enough to record interviews with us and tell us about the important work they’re doing to deliver education to trainees in a way that will improve learning outcomes.

We are excited to share with you, in the coming days and weeks, the results of our work collecting footage and images of the installation process. Keep an eye on our social media channels.

Thank you to the DASH team, Nicky and John, for being gracious hosts whilst we installed the Gener8 Space, and for sharing with us their passion for improving healthcare and education.

To see images of this install, check us out on twitter: https://bit.ly/37dJh5s

If you’re interested in a demonstration of our technology get in touch with us: hello@gener8-healthcare.com

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